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Are you a busy educator? | Are you looking for great content?

Do you want to stay current and up to date? Do you find it hard to find the time to seek out the information that will help you be the very best educator you can be? Let TBB help you! The Balance Between (TBB) provides an ongoing email content delivery service so you get all the great information you need, delivered straight to you. With the bonus of free webinars, videos, and FREE downloadables!

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About The Most Popular Series:

TBB: Making The Hard Stuff Easier

Our most popular series bridges both PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL development. Each email comes with at least ONE great downloadable resource, plus tips and pointers to support you in your professional life as an educator AND your personal life.

As busy educators, it's sometimes hard to stay on the cutting edge of content- let TBB help you! Every month, you'll get another bit of great content that you can apply to your school or classroom right way.

And, as busy educators, we need to be deliberate in our commitment to self care. The TBB Personal Development sequence tackles topics like fitness, nutrition, sleep, and technology habits so that we can be the best versions of ourselves which primes us to best serve others.

This amazing series comes straight to your inbox on the 7th of every month.

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Another Great Series:

Thinking Maps Inspiration Series

This incredible series has TRIPLE the resources for you! First, each email starts with a quick video highlighting the content you'll be diving into as you learn about a school just like yours that has transformed itself through Thinking Maps®. Second, you get a summary of the inspirational Success Story explaining how that school is using Thinking Maps® to achieve great results. As a BONUS you get a free downloadable featuring the case study of that successful school so you can learn from their successes and be inspired to follow their pathway. Third, you get insight into the actual tools and professional learning pathway used by that school that led directly to their success. And, this comes with another FREE downloadable- a preview packet of that incredible resource. WOWOWOWOW!

This incredible series comes straight to your inbox on the 28th of every month!

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Check this one out...

Thinking Maps• Webinar Series

Prefer to stay current by WATCHING and LISTENING instead of READING? Well..... TBB has something else for you! The Thinking Maps® Webinar Series shows up in your inbox twice a month. On the 1st of the month, with a list of and link to sign up for all the upcoming webinars highlighting basic and advanced Thinking Maps® courses. Just click the link in the email to sign up! Forgot to sign up? Too busy? Miss the live webinar? No worries! On the 21st of the month, you'll get an email with a list of all the links to recordings of recent webinars so you don't have to hunt for them! How great is that?

This incredible series comes straight to your inbox on the 1st & 21st of every month!

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Want to learn more about Thinking Maps®?

Try the TMLC Support Series!

What's the TMLC? It's the Thinking Maps® Learning Community! A full, online suite of resources that helps educators learn about and implement Thinking Maps®. You get software to make Maps... a Gallery to help you come up with ideas for how to use Maps... Training modules to help you learn about Mapping... and, much more!

What's the TMLC Support Series? This is a series of emails spread across a moth that will bring highlights and videos about how to use the TMLC straight to your inbox! If you already have a TMLC license, this Series will support you to use the TMLC. If you don't have the TMLC, the Series will help you get set up with a FREE 30-Day Trial.

This series comes to you spread out over 30 days!

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Just want to know what's going on?

Try the TBB Events Series

Brain on overload, but you still want to stay connected? This simple series just pops into your inbox to remind you that TBB is always offering something for educators. We'll be here and ready when you are, so keep your eyes on this great Series so that you are always in the know about what's coming up on the calendar!

This series comes to you on the 14th of every month!

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